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Over 150 people answered our call to talk about community health services.  Building Healthy Communities aims to transform community services by putting patients at the centre of change

Over 150 people answered our call to talk about community health services. Building Healthy Communities aims to transform community services by putting patients at the centre of change

NHS Newham CCG is committed to working in equal partnership with local people to develop health services that meet the needs of our community. We put patients, carers and the voluntary sector at the heart of all that we do. 

The engagement opportunities in this section are just some of the ways you can actively participate in decision-making. By working with us, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Attend events, workshops and community outreach sessions to help us identify and assess what people want and need from health and care
  • Join service redesign groups to improve patient experience in GP Practices, hospital and community services 
  • Become a patient representative on our Commissioning Committees, working groups and procurements where you can help us develop our strategies and plans, participate in tendering and contracting across the procurement cycle, as well as co-produce patient centred solutions to involving patients in their health and care
  • Join innovative grassroots initiatives that empower people to take control of their health and wellbeing including community champions, volunteering and community prescription.
  • Join our online community by having your say on Newham Patient Voice Though community engagement still underpins our engagement approach, our ambition is to also mobilise people through social media.

To get involved email us on or phone 020 3688 2300. 

Hear what Angus, patient representative for the musculosketal (MSK) structured collaboration has to say about his involvement in one of our working groups.

We are also empowering communities in Newham and across east London to take control of their own health through the power of sport and social networks.  See our video below about a recent walking football tournament organised by Newham CCG in partnership with Love Football and Soccer 6.

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Young people face a wide range of experience of healthcare and we all have a story to tell, however big or small they may seem, every single young person’s voice matters. We want to encourage all young people to share their healthcare story with their family and friends, school peers or teachers, or through charities and youth organisations.

We want young people to take ownership of their individual story, but we recognise that it can be difficult for a young person to have the confidence to talk about their experiences, it’s ok for them not share until they are ready. 

We encourage professionals to listen to the young people they are working with. It’s important that young people find their voice, to know that someone is out there who will listen and support them, and they are not alone. How can they have the opportunity to share their experience with you? Can they submit feedback anonymously? Do young people know what services they can access if they need to tell someone their story or experience? 

The NHS Youth Forum have created a postcard for young people, with tips for how to share your story, and questions to ask when thinking about telling your story - Please share amongst your networks and help support young people to share their experiences of healthcare. 

On 18th – 22nd March young people will be taking over our Twitter and Instagram to empower their peers to share their story using the hashtag #myNHSstory – please like and share!