Building Healthy Communities

community treatment

As a patient, what if you could access key adult healthcare services from a single access point? How much more effective would it be to receive treatment in your local community or even in your own home, rather than in a hospital? Even better, what if we could help prevent you from becoming ill in the first place?

NHS Newham Clinical Commissioning Group is on a mission to achieve this. The Building Healthy Communities programme is working on re-designing adult community healthcare services, such as community nursing, physiotherapy, podiatry, home care, end-of-life care and long term conditions such as diabetes.

Our vision

“To provide quality, integrated out-of-hospital care that meets the needs of the local community”

Our vision for the Building Healthy Communities programme has been developed with the needs and views of local patients and the public to:

  • help bring together health and social care services
  • improve appropriate access to healthcare so that right care is provided by the right person at the right time
  • make sure most of the health and social care needs of our population is delivered in the community, close to home
  • give you a choice of care, while making sure we treat your family as a whole, including carers
  • focus on prevention and promotion of well-being.

To read a bit more about the programme, including some examples of the types of services included, please download the Introduction to Building Healthy Communities slide pack from the downloads section in the right hand column on this page.

Why are we re-designing adult healthcare services?

We’ve been listening to feedback from patients, carers and the community. Here are some examples of what you have been telling us:

  • “Provide varied services in one location that is easy to travel to”
  • “Join up services more effectively”
  • “Make services more accessible, especially for those with disabilities”
  • “Offer quicker access to diagnostic tests”
  • “Give more support to preventing illness”

Our local population is growing and our hospitals are facing increasing demand. We can’t keep building more hospitals so something has to change. Historically, the emphasis has been on providing medical treatment in a reactive and isolated way. A change is needed to focus on things like prevention, self-care and improving health and wellbeing. Evidence also shows that most health conditions can be better managed in the community, close to home.

What are we doing to make this a reality?

We are working with patients, clinical staff, partners, providers and the local community to develop a new model of care. Click on the relevant link below to find out more about what we are doing and for details on how you can get involved:

Feedback from talking to these different groups has helped us to come up with a draft future model of adult care. Our proposals for this new model can be viewed on the 'Our proposals' page.  We’ll continue to listen to your views to help us make further improvements to our proposals.

When will all this happen?

We are aiming for the new model of care to go live in 2018. It's important to remember that this won’t happen overnight, it will take time to integrate services. We are creating the right environment and building solid foundations so we can develop the right services over the coming years.

We’ll continue to engage with patients, carers and the community to test the model so that local people can help shape their future health services.

What are the benefits?

Through Building Healthy Communities, we hope to achieve the following:

Our patients

  • Better access to more services from a single location, reducing travel and saving time
  • More services delivered closer to home in the local community increasing impact and reducing demand for hospitals
  • Greater consistency in quality of service and a reduction in inequalities

Our public

  • Healthier communities through pro-active care and improved prevention
  • Efficient use of taxpayers’ money, ensuring better value through focusing on outcomes
  • Greater empowerment to participate in shaping the future of community health services – your say matters!

Our providers

  • Enhanced opportunities for innovation and creativity
  • Better integration across services, including improvements in IT
  • Better working environment for staff

Our partners

  • Closer ways of working with more collaboration and improved communications
  • Greater understanding of concerns, challenges and issues facing our local community
  • Better support in delivering services and in a more joined up way through one integrated health and social care environment

How do I get involved?

If you would like to get more involved in the programme, contact us on 020 3688 2300 or email