How the NHS uses patient information

Your Information - what you need to know
Newham Clinical Commissioning Group (NCCG) is a local membership organisation led by family doctors that is responsible for planning and paying for healthcare services. We do not provide healthcare like a GP Practice or hospital. Our role is to make sure the appropriate NHS care is in place for the people of Newham, within the budget we have.
However, we have also included information about how information is used more broadly within the NHS to support your care that we buy. 

Your health records
Every time you see a GP or another health care professional such as a nurse or out of hours GP, they update your health records. Your health records contain all your personal details like name, address, date of birth and NHS number. They also contain other information relevant to your health, like any results of tests you may have had, any surgery you’ve had, any allergies you have and medications you receive. It contains all the information health care providers need to treat you. 

The NHS sometimes needs your GPs and other health providers to share that information with us. Under the Data Protection Act your GP must tell you what may happen with your personal information. The purpose of sharing your health records is to make sure you get the best health care and services available. Of course these are your records and you are entitled to opt out of any of the following record sharing initiatives. Just speak to your GP or GP surgery staff, or where you would prefer information from a hospital or other care setting not to be shared, please speak with them directly.