Empowering patients

Our commissioners and the community celebrating Learning Disability Week

Our commissioners and the community celebrating Learning Disability Week

In Newham we are facing high demand on healthcare services as we see increasingly higher numbers of people with mental health issues, musculoskeletal problems, diabetes, cancers and respiratory disease. Often people are presenting to the NHS too late with potentially preventable conditions already at advanced stages.   

Individual lifestyle choices also have a big impact on people’s health – we have high numbers of people who are inactive, who smoke and who are obese.

NHS England’s Five Year Forward View illustrates, to tackle these challenges the NHS has to radically re-think how it delivers health and care, calling on the system to create a social movement that puts patients and communities in control. 

In a vibrant and diverse place like Newham where there are significant health challenges, we know that when people feel empowered they are more likely to bring about change.  Which is why in partnership with patients, we are pioneering new ways to support people to live well.

We have invested in training and development for staff in primary care to improve customer service skills and developed programmes to support independent living and patient choice.  We also work in partnership with the voluntary sector, offering our patients’ innovative community based solutions to improve health and wellbeing.

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