Health services

Why Healthwatch Newham exists
Every part of England has its own Healthwatch organisation. Healthwatch Newham exists to support Newham residents’ involvement in health and social care. It does this because it believes that residents have a right to influence their own services and that services will be better when users’ views are considered. 

What Healthwatch Newham does
Act as the community’s watchdog on Scrutiny Panels, the Health and Wellbeing Board and other committees and decision making groups.

  • Gather residents’ views at community events and by organising discussions and presentations to voluntary organisations. 
  • Train local people to understand and influence services. Methods include arranging meetings with decision makers, coordinating informed debate and providing a right to enter and report on health and social care services.
  • Provide information to the public about local health and social care services, such as how to change your GP or where to find a chemist. 
  • Provide a signposting service on how to complain about health and social care. 

How Independent is Healthwatch Newham?
Although Healthwatch Newham works closely with the NHS and with Newham Council, it is independent of both and has its own management board. 

For further information please contact:

Leonardo Greco
Healthwatch Newham Manager

The Resource Centre
200 Chargeable Lane
E13 8DW

Telephone: 020 3866 2969

NHS Complaints Advocacy Service
The NHS Complaints Advocacy Service aims to provide support to the residents of the London Borough of Newham who want to raise concerns or make a formal complaint about their experience with their NHS providers, including GP practices, hospitals, clinics, shelter accommodations and social care homes. In particular, the service aims to provide support to those who may not have the skills, knowledge or ability to make a complaint.

Anyone can make a complaint about the care and/or treatment they have received from the NHS in England, for themselves or on behalf of someone they know, provided they have given their consent to do so.

For more information on the Healthwatch Newham’s NHS Complaints Advocacy Service please contact Rahena Khatun - NHS Complaint Advocate – Newham on | 020 3828 8245