How we measure impact

Community engagement helps us bring people together to make change

Community engagement helps us bring people together to make change

London CCG engagement leads worked collaboratively with NHS England to develop an annual engagement reporting template to evidence how CCGs are meeting their patient and public engagement legal duties. You can download the current and previous reports on the right hand side of this page. 

You can also review our 'You Said, We Did' leaflet to find out how we have been using the feedback we received from hundreds of local people to change and innovate health and care in Newham.

In 2015 we commissioned Involve to review and evaluate our patient and public engagement work. The research study provided valuable insight into the strengths of our engagement approach, as well as identified areas for improvement. As a result of the study we have redesigned our patient and public engagement model. Our new Patient and Public Engagement Service, delivered through the voluntary and community sector will launch in September 2017. The service will offer local people innovative and meaningful ways in which to get their voice heard from the neighbourhood level to the heart of the CCG’s decision making structures - from the grassroots up.

We provide regular feedback on our plans by attending Healthwatch Newham’s Advisory Group as well as their public events.  Go to downloads to view the latest notes for this year’s feedback sessions at Healthwatch Newham. 

As a commissioner it’s important to view the services through the eyes of the patient’s perspective. This enables the commissioner to identify areas where service improvement can make the biggest difference to patient experience which is one of the areas of focus both nationally and for the CCG. At a community workshop patients living with and beyond cancer told us that access to more information at diagnoses would allow patients and their family members to make more informed decisions about their care. As a result of what people told us, we are now reviewing the four main cancer tumour types in Newham. From my perspective it’s really rewarding to feel that we are addressing patients’ needs when we are commissioning services.”  - Andrew, Senior Commissioning Manager, NHS Newham CCG

Digital engagement – what people really think

Though community engagement will always shape our patient and public engagement practice, we also want to explore digital engagement particularly to reach young people. We asked our patient and public engagement provider Intelligent Health to ask local people about their experience of using digital engagement.  

Their researchers engaged 160 people and the responses clearly indicate local people rate digital engagement as a good way to get people involved.  People told us:

  • The majority of the respondents to the survey (82%) said that they had not previously left feedback about health services.
  • 48% of those respondents said the reason they didn’t leave any feedback was that they didn’t know that they could.
  • 77% of the respondents who had not previously left feedback about a healthcare professional said that if they knew the mechanisms available to leave feedback, that they would do so in the future. 
Key findings include:
  • The majority of respondents who had left feedback in the past had done this face-to-face with the healthcare professional (42%) or by using an available suggestion box (28%). For both those who had previously given feedback and those who hadn’t, the preferred method of most respondents to leave feedback in the future was email (42% for those who had and 41% for those who hadn’t) and via a website (46% for those who had and 27% for those who hadn’t). 
  • 54% of respondents said they would be interested in hearing from NHS Newham CCG “when there is something to update me with.” 
  • 59% would be interested in receiving information about changes to services in their community and 31% were interested in hearing about how residents’ feedback is shaping healthcare services.
  • 59% of respondents said they would prefer to receive this information via email and 30% preferred a website. 

We used this feedback to develop Newham Patient View our online public involvement platform.  The digital engagement case study proves in addition to community engagement, local people want us to offer a diverse range of public involvement options.  You can also download the results from the survey monkey.