Patient Participation Groups

We’re exploring new ways to get people involved in Patient Participation Groups – 2017 Walking Football Tournament.

We’re exploring new ways to get people involved in Patient Participation Groups – 2017 Walking Football Tournament.

What is a patient participation group?

A patient participation group (PPG) is made up of volunteers from patients and carers of patients registered at a GP practice. PPGs meet regularly and work in partnership with the practice staff and doctors to ensure the practice deliver high quality and responsive care.

Why are patient participation groups important?

PPGs offer a way for patients and practice staff to talk to each other, to share experiences and ideas, and to work together to improve patient experience at the practice. Doctors and practice staff don’t have the experience of actually being patients at the practice – patients do. This means that patients can use their own experiences to identify ways to improve the service that staff might not be in a position to see.

The main purpose of a PPG is to represent patients’ views and work with the practice to make changes. But some PPGs also volunteer to carry out other activities such as health promotion events, acting as advocates to encourage other patients to take responsibility for their own health, setting up support groups, promoting practice services, sharing information and more.  Learn about how PPG members in Newham are changing the way practices engage with patients:

Go to our Newham Patient Participation Toolkit for top tips on how to get your PPG to be the best it can be. 

In Newham there are 52 PPGs - patients across the borough are really committed to making a difference. Take a look at our Newham PPG 360 report to find out how we are doing.

Training workshops to support PPGs

We offer training sessions to help you develop your PPG. As well as learning about what a PPG does, you can pick up tips on how to engage people more effectively through peer support or community engagement. You can download the presentations from the sessions:

You may also find the Newham Patient Voice toolkit and the Training report useful.

I’m a patient, how can I join my patient participation group?

If you want to join your patient participation group speak to the staff at your practice who will advise you on how to join and become an active member of their PPG. We also support practices with their PPG engagement. This includes regular training workshops for patients and practice staff as well as help with community engagement.

Newham PPG Network

Based on feedback from PPG members we are working with patients and practice staff to develop a PPG Network.  We held our first ideas workshop with members on the 18 February 2019, see the downloads section for the PPG Network Meeting Summary report as well as the ideas document. The next meeting will be on the 8th April 2019 where we are aiming to further develop the ideas that were discussed at the workshop. 

To join the network or if you need more information about the support we offer please contact:

Cherry Salmon
Patient Participation Group Engagement Manager at Intelligent Health
Mobile: 07584 552 183

Patient Participation Groups members tell us how they are making an impact:

“Members take a wider view of the practice and its services and work together with staff and management to make sure the practice is the best in the borough.”  - PPG Chair, Newham Health Collaborative

“Our PPG puts on events during the year to bring patients, practice staff and the local community together. This is what makes our PPG standout!” - PPG Chair, Tollgate Medical Practice

“I hardly ever use my practice at the moment. However, I know that in 10 or 20 years I will need them, so I want my practice to be the best it can be. That’s why I volunteered as Chair of my PPG.” - PPG Chair, Dr Krishnamurthy Surgery

“I like the fact the Doctors update us about new services, and members can share the good knowledge we all have and learn from each other. We can take that knowledge back to our friends and family.” - PPG Member