Duty to Involve

As a Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) we are responsible for making arrangements to secure public involvement in the way that health services are commissioned. We do this by involving local patients and members of public in our decision making processes from planning and purchasing services through to evaluating their effectiveness and working with our providers to ensure that they also measure and act on patient feedback.

The two-fold Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) duty states, that as well as ensuring collective involvement throughout the commissioning cycle, all CCGs must take steps to ensure that the services they commission enable patients to look after themselves, make choices about the care and treatment they receive, self-manage their conditions and take personal responsibility for their health and wellbeing where possible. These two duties underpin our vision for public engagement. To learn more about them, please click on the links below

How did we do? 

Our performance in relation to these duties is assessed annually by NHS England using a criteria that has been developed with input from patients, members of public as well as staff. Our latest ratings based on activity during 2017/18 are summarised below: 

  • Domain A - Public Involvement in CCG Governance: Outstanding 
  • Domain B  - Public Involvement in annual reporting: Outstanding 
  • Domain C - Public Involvement in Day-to-Day practice: Outstanding 
  • Domain D - Feedback and Evaluation: Requires Improvement 
  • Domain E  - Equalities and Health Inequalities: Good 

More information about the assessment process is available.