Improving Patient Care
Improving patient care is at the heart of everything NHS Newham CCG does. We will develop healthcare services that meet the needs of patients and their families. To do this we work with our partner organisations, such as, the local authority, voluntary sector and community sector, to ensure that health services are delivered to the highest possible standards of quality and patient safety, and are inclusive and responsive to the local need.

Learning from the Francis Report
Across England there have recently been a number of high profile events where the public has been let down by certain NHS trusts and the health service as a whole due to poor, unsafe and unacceptable standards of care. The Francis Report, was developed in response to one such case. We are committed to learn from the report   so that the care that is offered in Newham is safe and of a high quality. 

As a part of this commitment, the Board of NHS Newham CCG has setup a dedicated working group to review the values and recommendations of the Francis Report.  We have put in place clear and effective governance processes which allow us to plan, monitor and respond to evolving healthcare needs. Our goal is to be transparent and accountable for the decisions that we make to commission healthcare services.

Governance Structure

NHS Newham CCG Board (Governing Body)

The Board is responsible for the strategic direction of NHS Newham CCG and for assuring the achievement of key health, wellbeing, financial, performance and service targets. The Board is directly accountable to the public, GP member practices of the CCG and NHS England, the regulatory body that is responsible for overseeing clinical commissioning groups. All Board meetings are held in public at NHS Newham CCG main offices and other public venues throughout Newham.  Details of upcoming Board meetings can always be found on the homepage of our website.

The Board has ultimate responsibility for decisions made by the committees and other functions feed into that in the following ways:

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee is responsible for ensuring that Newham CCG remains on track to deliver its stated objectives as set out in the Operating Plan. The Executive Committee reports directly to the Board and acts as a programme management committee to assure the work of each of the commissioning committees and transformation programmes (outlined below).

Quality Committee

The Quality Committee is accountable for taking a holistic view of the quality of commissioned services across all healthcare providers. A wide range of key staff and clinicians are responsible and involved in the quality assurance processes supporting the CCG.  This demonstrates that quality and patient safety is key and is thoroughly embedded throughout the organisation.

Commissioning Committees

Commissioning committees are responsible for the day to day planning, monitoring and quality assurance of healthcare services. The CCG has four commissioning committees with a focus on specific clinical and healthcare priorities:

  • Acute Commissioning – services provided in hospital settings.
  • Mental Health Commissioning – mental health services for adults and children.
  • Community Commissioning –community based services provided outside of hospital.
  • Partnerships Commissioning –healthcare services planned and commissioned jointly with the local authority, such as learning disabilities and sexual health.

All commissioning committees are chaired by clinicians and work closely in partnership with providers of healthcare services and patients and the public. They are accountable to the Board through the Executive Committee and report on achievement across the borough against agreed pathways, standards, and performance targets.

Transformation Programmes
The transformation programmes are designed to be time limited committees with a responsibility for delivering specific pieces of work at the direction of the CCG Board. Each transformation programme will have clear deliverables and milestones and works with support from the relevant Commissioning Committee.

Practice Member Council
The Practice Member Council, is accountable to the Board and provides a platform for all GP member practices of the CCG to scrutinise, question and serve as a forum for debate with the Board. In addition the Board has delegated the function of approving changes to the Constitution (subject to NHS England approval) to its Practice Member Council.

  • GP Practice Clusters
    NHS Newham CCG is structured so that individual practices are grouped into clusters led by an elected cluster lead who represents the views of the cluster at Board level. The clusters act as a liaison between individual GP Practices and the CCG Board and Executive to ensure that local healthcare needs are highlighted and met. Clusters meet monthly to review, share learning and problem solve, providing a key forum in which ideas and innovation are shared to improve delivery and provision of health services to patients.  
  • GP Practices
    Individual practices are responsible for the planning, management and tracking of patient care as their patients move on a journey through the healthcare system. It is expected that practices will meet, as they do currently in groups (called clusters) to review quality of care being provided and to involve the local community.