BCG Immunisations

During 2016 there was a change to providers of the BCG vaccine. NHS England appointed Barts Health NHS Trust as the new provider for new-born BCG immunisations and Vaccination UK as the provider for school age vaccinations. The school based vaccinations programme provided by Vaccination UK went live on 1 August 2016 and the new-born BCG immunisation service provided by Barts Health NHS Trust went live in November 2016.

Due to a global shortage of the BCG vaccine there was no provision for new-born BCG vaccinations in Newham between 1 August 2016 and 1 November 2016. This led to a backlog and delay in many families receiving the vaccine. The providers of the vaccine are now working to ensure that babies who have not received the vaccine are invited to the special clinics being provided by Vaccination UK.

What if my child hasn’t been vaccinated?

Babies born in Newham from 1 August 2016 through 1 November 2016 when the permanent immunisation service was in place at Newham University Hospital will be offered the vaccination at Vicarage Lane Health Centre, E15 4ES through an interim service provided by Vaccination UK. A record of all babies who have not had the vaccination has been provided to Vaccination UK and they will be writing to all families to invite them to the centre.

If you have a child born after 1 November 2016 who has not had the vaccine please contact Vaccination UK on

For all other vaccinations please speak to your local GP.