Newham Community Anticoagulation Monitoring Services

What are anticoagulants?
Anticoagulants are medicines that reduce blood clotting in an artery, vein or the heart. Clots can block and reduce blood flow and may result in a stroke, deep vein thrombosis or a pulmonary embolism.

Our service overview:
Our community anticoagulation service monitors and manages people who are taking oral anticoagulants such as Warfarin. Our service providers monitor patients’ medication levels and dose and make any adjustments in line with the test reading and any changes they are informed of.

Who is our anticoagulant Service for?
Our anticoagulation service is provided for anyone aged over 16 who needs long term anticoagulant therapy monitoring and is registered with a GP and residing, in Newham.

How do we provide this service?
All our clinics are ‘one stop point of care’. This means there is a simple finger prick test and a drop of blood is taken to obtain an INR* result. Our team of anticoagulant specialists will advise patients on their warfarin dose and will make any adjustments in line with the reading and any changes they have been told about all in one visit. An average appointment will last 5-10 minutes.

(international normalisation ratio). The INR is a way of measuring how fast your blood clots. As INR is an internationally recognised test, it can be used by healthcare professionals around the world.

Who are our community anticoagulant team?
Our Community teams are specialist pharmacist, GP’s and practice nurses.

Where and when are clinics run in Newham?
Clinics are run on various health care sites throughout Newham Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays). Some providers are able to offer testing on a Saturday or in the early evening.
What if I am Housebound?
We offer a home visit service for patients who are house bound or rely on hospital transport to take them to appointments. As part of this service we will forward results to patients GP’s supporting the delivery of anticoagulant prescriptions.

How do you access our anticoagulant service?
You can access our service by contacting the provider of choice directly who will take your details and will contact you once they have confirmed a transfer. You should continue attending your regular service until you have this confirmation.

Your GP practice may also be able to support the transfer by contacting the service provider or the service manager especially if you are housebound and need the support of a home visit.

If a community nurse currently takes your blood sample then they can contact a community provider or the service manager directly.