Our Partners

Partners in commissioning

We work closely with our partners on commissioning certain services. Partners are the people and organisations who share our interests in local health and are also often responsible for commissioning services that sit elsewhere in the overall system or in neighbouring boroughs

London Borough of Newham
As well as social care, local councils are now in charge of public health services such as sexual health, stopping smoking, screening, immunisations and many more. We work together with the local authority to improve health services that have overlapping public and social care elements, such as dementia, mental health, primary care and integrated care.

Health and Wellbeing Board
The Newham Health and Wellbeing Board is a committee within the local council that aims to bring together key people from the health and care system. The board provides a single place for partners to work as a team, in order to understand the needs of the local community, agree priorities and to build stronger working links to help shape and improve health and wellbeing of the local population.

Health Scrutiny Panel
The council health scrutiny panel is a sub-group of the main overview and scrutiny committee. It acts as a ‘critical friend’ by reviewing local health issues and considering NHS proposals to develop or change services. Meetings are held in public and anyone is welcome to attend.

NHS Tower Hamlets CCG and NHS Waltham Forest CCG
Together with our partner CCGs we manage the contracts of providers like Barts Health.  When working with the trust, we do so with support from our neighbouring CCGs as it gives us a larger influence to make improvements for our patients and ensure that services are value for money.

NHS England
NHS England commission GP services, as well as pharmacy, optometry and dental services (primary care), and some specialist services. They are an independent organisation, working on behalf of the Department of Health. NHS England also handles patient complaints about GPs and GP practices.

Healthwatch Newham
Healthwatch is the independent consumer champion for health and social care in England, hosted by the local council. It has local branches which have replaced the Local Involvement Networks (LiNKs). Healthwatch works with the CCG to make sure that they are listening to what patients, carers and the public have to say and that they use that information when setting up services. Healthwatch also has the power to enter and view any health or social care service that is funded by the public.

North and East London Commissioning Support Unit
Commissioning support units (CSUs) have been set up across the country to support CCGs to carry out commissioning, particularly in terms of activities that are better delivered at scale (which means saving the cost of carrying out some of our work). Our local CSU helps us with business intelligence, health and clinical procurement services, as well as administrative functions such as contract management.