We are Newham

We are Newham

Working towards a healthier future

The NHS is there for when people fall ill, but the question is why would anyone want to get sick in the first place, especially when it's avoidable? Here at Newham CCG we are trying to help people to take control of their own health and make choices that will improve their quality of life now and into the future.

In 1847, Dr. Ignaz Semmelweiss, a physician in a Vienna hospital, discovered that fatal infections were spread among patients by doctors who failed to wash their hands between examinations. Semmelweiss immediately instituted a disinfecting procedure whereby physicians were required to wash in a chloride of lime solution after autopsies and with soap and water between patient visits. Doctors also had to change into clean lab coats before examining patients. As a result, hospital mortality rates from infectious diseases declined.

Now, over 150 years later we know that if we want to stop the spread of preventable disease and live healthy lives we need to exercise, eat a balanced healthy diet and take control over our health rather than acting as passive observers and hoping the NHS will be able to provide a cure, which is often not possible. Are you ready to step up to the challenge and take action to the spread of disease in the 21st century in the way that Dr Semmelweiss took control in the 19th century?

We hope that the answer to that question is yes! That’s why we've worked in partnership with other healthcare providers including the local council and third sector organisations to raise awareness of how local people can make lifestyle choices that will keep them healthier longer and reduce the likelihood of developing avoidable illnesses.

Please watch our short film and start the journey towards a healthier future.


It's down to you to take control

Fact: Whatever your age, the evidence shows that being physically active can help you lead a healthier and even happier life!

Take control: Find out about local activities (free and paid for) taking place in your area including walking, yoga and football and much more using the links below.

  • Get involved with a wide range of activities for all ages with Active Newham.
  • ParkLives offer activities and events for all ages to enjoy, giving you an extra reason to get out into some of the great parks we’ve got in the borough.
  • Spending time outdoors in the park, in your local greensapce, or at a community garden is great for your health and wellbeing.

There's loads going on right on your doorstep

Fact: Loneliness and social isolation are harmful to our health!

Take action: Find out how you can get involved with your local community through local groups, your health services and volunteering by using the links below. 

  • Find out how to play an active role in your local health services.
  • Giving up your time to help others is rewarding in more ways than one. Volunteering not only does it make a difference to your local area and the people who live there, but it also allows you to meet new people and learn some valuable new skills.
  • Community neighbourhoods teams work with volunteers and residents to run activities and events and to make change in the area.

A good social life can make all the difference

Fact: Getting involved in your local community improves health and fosters ownership, pride and satisfaction!

Get involved: Find out about local services, groups and activities that can help improve your quality of life in the health and social care directory.